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Pro C++

Comprehensive course covering advanced concepts, and how to use them on large-scale projects.

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Progress directly from our introductory course, expanding your programming knowledge to more advanced concepts.

We also have follow-ups to this course, where we build complex, portfolio-ready projects.

Understand Every Line of Code

No copying-and-pasting code in this course.

We explain every line of code we're using, so you understand exactly what is happening.

Use Professional Best Practices

Everything we create is organised and implemented using modern, professional practices.

This means the techniques we learn are usable in large, professional projects.

Focus on Transferrable Skills

We don't just explain what we're doing, but also why.

This builds transferrable skills, so you can take what you've learnt and apply them to your own projects.

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Who is this Course For?

This course is intended for those who already have a basic familiarity with object oriented programming in C++. It is designed as a follow up for our introductory course:

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Prerequisite Course

Intro to C++ Programming

Become a software engineer with C++. Starting from the fundamentals, we guide you step by step along the way.

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Those who already have some knowledge of C++, or are familiar with object oriented programming in another language, may be able to skip the introductory course.

The first chapter of this pro course includes a summary of the topics covered, to help you get caught up.

Chapter 1
Whirlwind Tour of C++ Basics

A quick crash tour of C++ basics, for those with previous object oriented programming experience.

Chapter 9
Working with Functions

A deeper look at C++ functions, and more advanced techniques of how we can create and use them.

Chapter 10
Iterators and Ranges

Expanding on our knowledge of iterators, and introducing C++20 ranges, allowing us to create more flexible containers and algorithms.

Chapter 11
Standard Library Algorithms

An overview of the most useful algorithms that are available within the standard library

Chapter 12
Objects, Classes and Modules

A deeper look at classes and objects, allowing us to empower our custom types with more advanced capabilities.

Chapter 13
Strings and Streams

Develop a deeper understanding of strings in C++, and how we can use them with streams to transfer data between components.

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Professional C++

This course is currently under construction. Additional lessons are added every few days!

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