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Creating a Fullscreen Window in SDL2

How can I create a fullscreen window in SDL2?

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To create a fullscreen window in SDL2, you can use the SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN flag when creating the window. Here's an example of how to create a fullscreen window:

#include <SDL.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {

  SDL_Window* window{SDL_CreateWindow(
    "Fullscreen Window",

  // Rendering and event handling code here
  // ...


  return 0;

In this example, we pass the SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP flag as the last argument to SDL_CreateWindow. This flag tells SDL2 to create a fullscreen window that covers the entire desktop.

Note that we set the width and height parameters to 0 since the window will automatically cover the entire screen.

If you want to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode dynamically, you can use the SDL_SetWindowFullscreen function:

// Toggle fullscreen mode
if (SDL_GetWindowFlags(window)
  // Exit fullscreen
  SDL_SetWindowFullscreen(window, 0);
} else {
  // Enter fullscreen

This code snippet checks the current window flags using SDL_GetWindowFlags to determine if the window is currently in fullscreen mode. If it is, it exits fullscreen mode by passing 0 to SDL_SetWindowFullscreen. Otherwise, it enters fullscreen mode by passing the SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP flag.

Remember to handle the necessary events, such as the SDL_KEYDOWN event, to trigger the fullscreen toggle based on user input.

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