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Using Views with C++20 Coroutines

How do views interact with C++20's coroutines?

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C++20's coroutines and views can work together to create powerful, lazy-evaluated pipelines for data processing. Coroutines allow you to define sequences of values that can be produced on-demand, and views can consume these sequences efficiently.

Example: Using a Coroutine with a View

Here’s a simple example of a coroutine that generates an infinite sequence of numbers, which can be consumed by a view:

#include <coroutine>
#include <iostream>
#include <ranges>

class Generator {
  struct promise_type {
    int value_;
    std::suspend_always yield_value(int value) {
      value_ = value;
      return {};

    std::suspend_always initial_suspend() {
      return {};

    std::suspend_always final_suspend() noexcept {
      return {};

    void unhandled_exception() {

    Generator get_return_object() {
      return Generator{std::coroutine_handle<

    void return_void() {}

  using handle_type =

  handle_type coro_;

  Generator(handle_type h) : coro_(h) {}
  ~Generator() {
    if (coro_) coro_.destroy();

  bool next() {
    return !coro_.done();
  int value() const {
    return coro_.promise().value_; }

Generator GenerateNumbers() {
  for (int i = 1;; ++i) co_yield i;

int main() {
  auto gen = GenerateNumbers();

  auto view = std::views::iota(0)
    | std::views::transform([&gen](int) {
      if ( return gen.value();
        return -1;  // Placeholder value

  for (int x : view | std::views::take(10)) {
    std::cout << x << ", ";
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,


  • Generator Class: Implements the coroutine generator. It uses std::coroutine_handle to manage the coroutine state.
  • GenerateNumbers: A coroutine function that yields an infinite sequence of numbers.
  • View Usage: Combines the coroutine with a view using std::views::iota and std::views::transform to produce the sequence.


  • Lazy Evaluation: Coroutines produce values on-demand, which aligns well with the lazy nature of views.
  • Efficiency: Only the needed values are generated and processed, reducing overhead.

Combining coroutines and views can help create highly efficient and readable code for complex data processing tasks.

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