Friend Classes and Functions

Friend Functions and Encapsulation

How do friend functions and classes affect encapsulation?

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Friend functions and classes provide a way to extend the accessibility of a class's private and protected members beyond the class itself, which can be useful in certain scenarios.

However, this can also impact the principle of encapsulation, which is a core concept in object-oriented programming.

Encapsulation aims to hide the internal state and implementation details of an object, exposing only what is necessary through a public interface.

By making certain functions or classes friends, you are giving them access to the internals of your class, which can be seen as a breach of this encapsulation principle.

While this might seem like a downside, it has its benefits:

  • Controlled Access: Instead of making a member public and exposing it to the entire program, you can provide access to specific functions or classes that truly need it.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Sometimes, external functions or classes need to interact closely with the internal state of another class to provide meaningful functionality, such as logging or analytics.

Here's an example to illustrate:

#include <iostream>

class MyClass {
  friend void LogCalls(MyClass); 

  void operator()() { ++Calls; }

  int Calls{0};

void LogCalls(MyClass Functor) {
  std::cout << "That functor has been called "
            << Functor.Calls << " times.\n"; 

int main() {
  MyClass Functor;
That functor has been called 3 times.

In this example, the LogCalls() function needs access to the private Calls member of MyClass. Instead of making Calls public, we declare LogCalls() as a friend, preserving encapsulation for other parts of the program.

Use friend functions and classes judiciously to strike a balance between encapsulation and the need for certain functions to access private data.

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