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Using SDL with Other Programming Languages

Can SDL be used with programming languages other than C++?

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Yes, SDL can be used with various programming languages besides C++. It has bindings for languages like Python, C#, Java, and Rust, allowing it to integrate into different types of projects. Here's an example of using SDL with Python using the PySDL2 library:

import sdl2
import sdl2.ext

def run():
  window = sdl2.ext.Window("SDL with Python", size=(640, 480))

  running = True
  while running:
    events = sdl2.ext.get_events()
    for event in events:
      if event.type == sdl2.SDL_QUIT:
        running = False


if __name__ == "__main__":

This Python script uses PySDL2 to create a window, handle events, and refresh the window, demonstrating SDL's flexibility across languages.

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